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Information, expertise and public/private partnerships, to offer business consultations, result-driven business development, financing, marketing support, and training services. Our Partnership with entities that can offer you the Results-Driven Business Development you desire.  Because WCI supports a variety of Program and Contracting Officials, we support Start-Ups to Large Size SMVWOBs.  Small, Minority, and/or Women-Owned Businesses (SMWOBs) save TIME and MONEY!

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Don’t pay thousands of dollars for Business Development Services and obtain public information. Most business development employees and companies give you contracting “Opportunities” they call “live” and information that you can get on your own through the Agency or Company Websites.

Obtain WCI’s Expert Business Development Services and have your firm presented to Government, Prime Contractor and Private Entity DECISION MAKERS that are looking for you! Having Prescreened and Qualified SMWOBs will ensure that you obtain the SMWOBs, i.e. 8(a)s, HubZones, SDVOBs, MBEs, LSDBEs, GSA Schedule Holders, etc. you need to fulfill your Contracting Requirements.


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Basic Essentials for Teaming

Basic Essentials for Teaming



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