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WCI offers support for your efforts to start, develop and excel in entrepreneurship.  Our expertise and resources provide entrepreneurs with all of the tools necessary to succeed.  We will help you obtain the proper business structure to facilitate small business growth.


WCI offers support to supply your immediate and future contracting requirements with prescreened and qualified vendors.  We will ensure that you meet and exceed your diversity goals by infusing your program with procurement-ready small, minority, veteran, and/or women-owned vendors.


WCI offers support designed to supply the demand of socio-economic and local business goals, large development project compliance, and outreach services requirements for federal, state, county and city government.  We will match procurement-ready, prescreened, qualified and certified vendors with your current and future contracting requirements.


WCI offers support to prime contractors in need of fulfilling the “good faith effort” to utilize small, minority, veteran, and/or women-owned businesses.  We will allow you to use WCI Vendor Management SystemTM to attract, develop and manage small and diverse vendors.  This program can be customized with training, technical assistance, outreach and evaluation services.

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WCI’s President, Cynthia D. Washington and her expert advisor team will allow you to ask her any questions you have about government contracting and entrepreneurship and get on-demand business advice.  You will have access to her blog, The Fundamental 14 Government Contracting Made SIMPLE, and Entrepreneurial Success Made SIMPLE series’.


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The WCI Contracting Network provides thorough business assessments, expert business development, and contract management services for SMVWOBs and government-mandated market research for ALL federal, state, and local government, prime contractor, and corporate contracting and program officials.

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WCI will support your efforts to attract, train, and retain entrepreneurs in your state and/or city’s economic development program.  We will devise and implement innovative and creative solutions for attracting SMVWOBs, increase your tax base, and create jobs.

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WCI is all about making connections.  We connect small businesses with governments and corporations to build profitable relationships and see long term growth.  Contact us today to see what connections we can make for you.

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