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Washington Concepts, Inc. (WCI) was started by Cynthia D. Washington, our President and has grown far beyond her Vision of becoming a Business Development Consultant and connecting Federal Government and 8(a) Vendors. WCI is a premiere firm known as The Global CONNECTOR!

Business Solutions

WCI is comprised of Business and Sales Experts, Retired Government Officials with expertise in the Government and Corporate Contracting Arena.   WCI has also supported the U.S. Small Business Administration in their effort to provide business technical assistance, government contracting training and capital to fund contracts.   SBA and WCI entered into a Co-Sponsorship, making WCI the only For-Profit Company to ever have a Co-Sponsorship with the SBA.  One year later, WCI became the only For-Profit Technical Assistance Providers of the SBA Loan Program.  WCI’s Technical Assistance and Training Sessions were created by WCI and its Team of Experts, for The Fundamental 14™ Series:  Government Contracting Made SIMPLE™ and Entrepreneurial Success Made SIMPLE™.  WCI offers Business Assessments, Business Consulting and Business Development.

Training Services

Over 13 years ago, WCI began to devise Training Curriculum, specific to Federal Agencies and their Contracting Practices, interested in attracting more Small and Diverse Vendors.  As the demand increased for our Training Services, WCI continued to research the challenges of Small and Diverse Vendors.  WCI created Training Sessions that remain relevant, applicable and information-driven.  WCI has provided business consulting services and training to thousands of Entrepreneurs.  WCI has partnered with the U.S. Small Business Administration and its SBDCs, U.S. Dept of Commerce Minority Business Development Agencies and State and County Economic Development Corporations, Howard University, Towson University, Maryland University, University of Florida, Prince George’s Community College, Santa Fe College and other organizations to provide Entrepreneurial Training.

Vendor Qualification

WCI currently supplies three segments of the market:  Vendors under $1Mil in Revenue are Start-Up Businesses, $1Mil – $5Mil are Developing Businesses, and $5Mil+ are Excelling Businesses.  If Vendors are not qualified after assessed by WCI, we will provide the technical assistance and resources they need to become a qualified and procurement-ready Vendor.  WCI provides a vast amount of resources and The WCI Strategic Affiliation NETWORK™.  These Affiliates are qualified to supply our SMVWOBs with the services necessary to become qualified, such as Accounting Services, Proposal Writing Services, Website Design and MORE!  WCI provides the WCI Tools you need to start and develop your business today.  Start with a Business Consultation!

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Our expertise and resources provide entrepreneurs with all the tools necessary to success and facilitates the growth of small businesses around the world.


WCI offers support to supply your immediate and future contracting requirements and manage your small and diverse vendors.


WCI offers services to supply the demand of diversity goals, development project goals, and outreach services requirements.


WCI offers support to prime vendors in need of fulfilling their government or corporate requirements for small and diverse vendors.

About WCI

Washington Concepts, Inc. (WCI) was started by Cynthia D. Washington, our President and has grown far beyond her Vision of becoming a Business Development Consultant.  After utilizing the resources available to small businesses at the U.S. Small Business Administration and launching in November of 1996, she began performing Services in Washington, DC for Federal Agencies, Prime Vendors and DC Government.  WCI’s efforts quickly expanded because Federal Government and Corporate Clients who were interested in supplying their Socioeconomic and Diversity Goals, needed and welcomed WCI’s support.  After creating The WCI Contracting NETWORK™, a credentialing system that prescreens and qualifies Small, Minority, Veteran and/or Women-Owned Business Vendors for Government and Corporate Contracting Requirements, WCI became known as The World’s Leading Business and Government Contracting Consulting!

For over 20 years, WCI has been able to “Bring The Government and Corporate Contracts to You”, ensuring that these Entities are able to meet and/or exceed their Goals with procurement-ready, prescreened and qualified Vendors.  We decided to solve the problem of Federal, State/Local Government Agencies and Private Entities  barely meeting their Goals.  WCI has supported Government and Corporate Program  and Contracting Officials with identifying and providing technical assistance to its Vendors.  This “connection” is made in The WCI Contracting NETWORK™ with Entrepreneurs who are ready to grow their business by putting the proper business structure in place to perform contracts.