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WCI will supply you with Procurement-Ready, Prescreened and Qualified SMVWOBs to fulfill your future and immediate Contracting Requirements. This fast and simple service is now available to assist busy Contracting and Program Officials. WCI not only screens for Capability and Capacity, but we save you TIME by doing the Market Research!  WCI supports Corporate Contracting and Program Officials around the World.  Allow WCI to present Diverse Vendors for your Contracting Requirements and get recognized as a Supporter of Diversity!

NO COST to you and NO CONTRACT necessary! We are the premiere resource to identify and present SMVWOBs for Federal and State/Local Government and Corporate Contracts! Submit Your SMVWOB Request Today!

Do you want to make it possible for your Company to become #1 for doing business with SMVWOBs? WCI will provide you with Prescreened and Qualified Vendors to fulfill your immediate or future Contracting Requirements. WCI is prepared to help you EXCEED your Goals, Meet your Sub-Contracting Plan Requirements, Fulfill your Good Faith Effort and so much MORE! Join hundreds of Government, Prime Contractor, Private Entity Program and Contracting CONTACTS using the WCI Contracting NETWORK™ to fulfill their Contracting Requirements and Diversify!

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WCI is a GREAT RESOURCE for fulfilling your Contracting Requirements in a fast and simple manner. Don’t put your company in jeopardy of losing your government contract funding, because you don’t have enough participation by SMVWOBs. Commit to using SMVWOBs and exceed your Goals by submitting your SMVWOB REQUEST Today!

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After over 20+ years in the Government and Corporate Contracting Arena, we have built a Team of Government and Corporate Contracting Experts in every area of contracting and business. They are ready to present and/or train in Proposal Writing, The Accounting necessary for Contracting, Presentation, Finding the Right Contacts and Teaming Essentials, etc. Our service is FAST and SIMPLE to use! We offer SMVWOB Subject-Matter Experts for your current and future SB Events, Round Tables or to train the SMVWOBs in your Portfolio of Vendors.

WCI offers training, certification, and matchmaking services designed to fulfill large development support and outreach services requirements.

WCI is the only for-profit company to have had a co-sponsorship with the U.S. Small Business Administration! WCI has supplied SMVWOB Vendors for over 20+ years to build a solid, long-term, legitimate relationship with Government and Private Entity Contacts and the Small Business Community.