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After supporting more Government Agencies and their Prime Contractors, winning over $850Mil in Contracts for SMVWOBs, WCI created The DiversityWORKS™, designed primarily to Make Diversity SIMPLE™. WCI will also help identify the proper SMVWOBs to Team and/or Sub-Contract in both the Government and Private Entity Contracting Arenas. WCI will eliminate the wasted efforts of working with Vendors who are not qualified and increase the productivity of any organization. This will ensure that City, State and County Government Contracting Officials are identifying the best Diverse Vendors as Contractors.

WCI DiversityCONNECTOR uses our resources, expertise and experience to provide the following services, for over 2 decades: Attract Small and Diverse Vendors to increase SMVWOB participation and create jobs; Develop Small and Diverse Vendors to the next dimension; Segment the Small and Diverse Market to provide revenue-appropriate Vendors; Provide Assessment, Technical Assistance, Financing and Training to Diverse Vendors. 

WCI DiversityCONNECTOR™  is able to get results for both parties, whereby City, State and County Government are barely meeting their Diversity Goals and Diverse Businesses, grow weary after being excluded from the contracting process. WCI currently supplies three segments of the Small and Diverse Market:  Vendors under $1Mil in Revenue are Start-Up Vendors, $1Mil – $5Mil in Revenue are Developing Vendors, and $5Mil and above in Revenue are Excelling Vendors. WCI uses specialized eTools to support efforts to manage diversity.

WCI DiversityCONNECTORProgram allows City, State and County government to attract, develop and manage their Diverse Businesses by partnering with WCI.  This relationship starts with an Assessment of your Procurement Processes and Intake Procedures for Vendors to include Diverse Vendors.  

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