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Business Consulting

WCI will provide you with information, expertise and public/private partnerships. WCI offers business consultations, result-driven business development, financing, marketing support, and training services. Our public/private partnership with government and corporate entities will offer you the Results-Driven Business Development you desire.

Because WCI supports a variety of Program and Contracting Officials, we obtain Contracts for Start-Up Businesses (Up to $1M in Revenue), Developing Businesses ($1-5M in Revenue) and Excelling Businesses ($5M+ in Revenue).  Small, Minority, and/or Women-Owned Businesses (SMWOBs) save TIME and MONEY!

Business assessment

Utilize WCI’s government and corporate resources to have your business assessed and to give you exactly what you need to succeed.  Allow WCI to assist you in putting the structure in place to grow your business.  The WCI Business Summary™ will allow you to identify the current status of your business and will outline step-by-step instructions for what you need to do to take your business to the next dimension.

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Business Development

Paying thousands of dollars for Business Development Services and obtained public information?  Most business development employees and companies give you contracting “Opportunities” you can get on your own through the Agency or Company Websites. WCI identifies the correct target Agency for your Contacts who buy what you sell and present you directly to the Contracting and Program Decision-Makers.

Tired of spending time and money and not making the right contact?  Allow WCI to give you “The Certification Advantage!”  Join The NETWORK and obtain the expertise and experience of very seasoned and knowledge business development and administrative teams.  WCI has retired government officials and expert business development personnel who qualify you before you present for our Opportunities.

Too many companies to choose from in the Government Contracting Arena?  Choose a company with a proven track record and the credibility you need to succeed in Business.  WCI’s Expert Business Development Services have remained unmatched, 21 years later.  WCI will present your firm to Government, Prime Contractor and Private Entity Decision-Makers that are looking for you!  Choose a name you can trust. WCI Makes Government Contracting SIMPLE™.

Ask Madam President

Ask Madam President and get the information you need to become a successful government contractor and entrepreneur.  Get the information you need to be a Successful Entrepreneur TODAY!  FINALLY, On-Demand Consulting for You!