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Do you have enough Small, Minority, Veteran and/or Women-Owned Business (SMVWOBs) Participation for your Contracting Requirements? Allow WCI to support your efforts to Fulfill Your Government-Mandate to Procure with Small, Minority, Veteran and/or Women-Owned Businesses today!

WCI’s fast, simple and accessible service, allows you to Request SMVWOBs and give us the criteria you need to fulfill your Socio-Economic Goals. WCI delivers capabilities of the Vendors who match your Request and we will schedule appointments with the Vendors of your choice. WCI understands that you are “Doing More with Less” and we want to be your reliable, value-added resource for procuring with SMVWOBs.

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WCI is a GREAT RESOURCE for fulfilling your Contracting Requirements in a FAST and EASY manner. WCI Government Support Services was requested by and started to support a Contracting Director who did not have the time to go and look for the SMVWOB Vendors she needed.  To meet her Contracting Requirements with the proper Market Research, she helped us create The WCI Contracting NETWORK™ .  Start meeting your Goals, Submit Your SMVWOB Request Form Today!

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After 20+ years in the Government Contracting Arena, we have built a Team of Government Contracting Entrepreneurial Experts in every area of contracting and business. They are ready to present and/or train in Proposal Writing, The Accounting necessary for Contracting, Presentation and Teaming Skills, etc. Our service is FAST and SIMPLE to USE! WCI offers SMVWOB Subject-Matter Experts for your current and future Small Business Events, Round Tables or to train the SMVWOBs in your portfolio of vendors.