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WCI has been named the innovative and premiere “Connector”, through The WCI Contracting NETWORKTM.  WCI is helping Government Contacts connect with Procurement-Ready, Prescreened and Qualified Vendors, create a credible Source List and/or fulfill their Sources Soughts, RFPs, RFIs, etc. through direct award or limited competition.

Sourcing Qualified Vendors allows you to Prepare, Win and Execute Contracts and allows Government, Prime Vendor and Private Entities to Attract, Develop and Utilize the The process is SIMPLE!  If you are in The NETWORK, WCI will send by email, an Opportunity.  This Opportunity is always sent to WCI by our Government or Private Entity Officials and may or may not have a SOW attached.  It will have all of the details you need to respond, i.e., a Description of Services, a Summary from our Contacts, Answering “Bid” means you are answering WCI’s request to bid on the Opportunities we send to you.

Qualifying Opportunities

WCI qualifies our Opportunities, just as we qualify our Vendors.  WCI’s Opportunities presented to you have three qualifying factors:
1) We must know the Decision Maker(s);
2) We must know the full allocation of funding to date;
3) We must know a definite timeline for contracting.

If we receive an Opportunity, it must have all of these answers.  If Government Officials, we do not have an Opportunity and will present it in that manner.  Even though rates are stated in our Agreements, we also state that all of WCI’s Fees are negotiated on an individual basis, for each Contract Award.  WCI knows how important cash flow is to a Contractor and would never want to hinder their ability to have the proper cash flow to execute and perform the Contract Awards they worked so hard to obtain.

WCI ensures that our Government and Private Entity Contacts get the Vendors they need to not only supply their Socio-Economic Goals, but also ensure that we Create Opportunities for SMVWOBs around the world.  WCI is expanding tremendously, offering Consulting and Training Services to our Vendors, so that they are ready to execute and perform with excellence on every contract.  Both the Contracting and Program Officials and SMVWOBs WIN in Contracting, because WCI Makes Government Contracting SIMPLE™!

GET “The WCI BD Advantage”


WCI offers Contracting Opportunities that are not made public and 80-90% are single-sourced or limited in competition.  Our Vendors do not compete with lots of Vendors and are given the opportunity to present cape statements to win contracts.


WCI gives the intelligence necessary to present a winning presentation and proposal.  WCI Opportunities are often sent to WCI from our Government and Private Entity Contacts, exclusively for our Vendors.


WCI has supplied the Government and Private Entities with SMVWOBs to supply Millions of Dollars in Contracts from Dry Cleaning Services on up to Building Aircraft, which means we have experience in supplying everything the government buys and have mastered developing business in IT, Management Consulting and Construction Arenas.


WCI is the only business development firm still here under the same name, providing the same business model for more than 20 years.  That is unheard of in this industry with so many government contracting businesses promising Vendors contracts, WCI is able to stand out in this arena simply because of our vast amount of knowledge and the results we have obtained in Government Contracting.