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WCI offers support to Prime Vendors, in need of fulfilling their Government or Corporate Requirement to utilize Small, Minority, Veteran, and/or Women-Owned Businesses (SMVWOBs).  With WCI’s Diversity Training, Program Development and Contracting Solutions, we will present Procurement-Ready, Prescreened and Qualified SMVWOBs to supply your immediate and future Contracting Requirements.  WCI will ensure that Prime Vendors meet and exceed your Diversity Goals.

WCI PrimeCONNECTOR™Program supports Prime Contractors in their efforts to connect with prescreened and qualified Small and Diverse Vendors. This Program created by WCI, for Prime Contractors, includes The WCI’s Vendor Management System™ and other customized Services. WCI allows Prime Contractors to attract, develop and manage your portfolio of Small and Diverse Vendors.

WCI PrimeCONNECTOR™Program creates Economic Development for all communities by supporting all aspects of the Prime Contractor’s Small and Diverse Vendor Relation. Partnering with WCI allows Prime Contractors to build their very own Diverse Vendor Team.  Request a WCI Diversity Assessment and start your Diversity Program today!

WCI PrimeCONNECTOR™Program includes a Public Relations Service that will devise methods of advertisement, methods of media and outreach to the community and your customers, which WCI will create for your firm.  The WCI Vendor Management System™ is a unique and innovative system, created to increase and manage Small and Diverse Vendor Relations for your firm. With this Program, you will partner with WCI to grow and development Small and Diverse Vendors. WCI creates a WIN-WIN-WIN for the Prime Contractors, the Subcontractors and the Prime’s Customer requiring Small and Diverse Participation Goals.

Let us connect you to Diverse Vendors today!