WCI of Florida

Connecting Florida Government and Private Entities to Qualified Diverse Vendors







WCI of Florida

Washington Concepts, Inc. (WCI) has created a 100% Minority, Women-Owned Business Florida Entity that is currently pursuing Florida State Certifications to support the needs of both, the Small and Diverse Business Communities and Florida Federal and State Government and its 67 Counties, its Prime Contractors and other Organizations involved in Contracting.  Our efforts have been solely to increase the Economic Empowerment of the Diverse Business Communities in Florida.  WCI has created Services, Products, Tools and Training to provide the Technical Assistance and Business Development Services that ensures RESULTS for all parties involved!  WCI supports Florida Entities with attracting, developing and managing Small and Diverse Businesses to produce outcomes for Florida Government Entities and its Prime Contractors.  Most of these efforts performed are not tracked and documented and WCI has mastered delivering results and reporting it!


WCI of Florida, LLC Makes Florida Contracting SIMPLE and we partner with Entities such as yours to ensure we offer a turn-key solution to the challenges surrounding Contracting in Florida. The Technical Assistance and Training Products created by WCI ensures that Government Entities and their Prime Contracts have Procurement-Ready, Prescreened and Qualified Vendors who are screened for capacity and not just capabilities.  WCI is able to support the Small and Diverse Vendors with identifying the existing capacity and capabilities and the resources they have to scale up.  WCI goes, “beyond the list”!  We acquire contracting opportunities first and then match it with the qualified Vendors, ensuring successful contracting for both sides, every time!


WCI works with the Program and Procurement Officials in Florida to ensure that their MBE, DBE and Local Goals are met, and in some cases, exceeded!  WCI has the solution to every Diversity problem and has a 23-year, successful track record and references who are listed below to prove it.  We only started a few years ago with supporting Government, Private Entities, Prime Contractors and Universities in Florida with attracting, developing, managing and training Small and Diverse Vendors and have already made a huge impact in Creating More Small and Diverse Vendor, through UF’s Veteran Entrepreneurial Programs, USF’s SBDC’s Training Program and by Mrs. Washington being appointed to the UF Women’s Collaboratory for Innovators Advisory Board!   She has also become Chairperson for the first ever Diversity Committee in Orlando for the Lake Nona Chamber of Commerce!  We are very excited about working with Florida Entities to make impact and create economic empowerment for the Small and Diverse Business Communities!